Tongue Visualizer

The Tongue Visualizer is a portable kit that enables language instructors and other users to develop
customized ultrasound overlay videos.

The kit includes an in-house-built software program, plus all required hardware (portable ultrasound
machine, video and audio recorders, laptop computer, related accessories). The accompanying manual
includes detailed instructions for all steps, including recording and producing the videos.

Using the Tongue Visualizer kit, language instructors will be able to produce custom resources focusing
on specific pronunciation challenges in their languages. We anticipate that it will be particularly useful for
the sounds of BC’s First Nations languages.

Currently, custom videos are under development for Halq’emeylem, SENĆOŦEN, and Secwepemc. If you are interested in using the Tongue Visualizer kit to develop customized language resources, please
contact Heather Bliss.