Voiced pharyngeal fricative (Reversed glottal stop)


Articulator: root of the tongue

Point of Articulation: back of the pharynx

Manner of Articulation: Fricative: The articulator makes a narrow constriction against the point of articulation, so when the air flow goes through the oral passage, audible frication noise is created.

Voice: voiced – Vocal folds are close and vibrating.

Abaza, Arabic (Egyptian), Avar, Berber (Kabyle), Chechen, Danish (Standard), Dutch (Limburg), German (Swabian), Hebrew (Iraqi, Sephardi, Yemenite), Kurdish, Marshallese, Occitan (southern Auvergnat), Portuguese (Fluminense), Somali, Sioux (Stoney), Syriac (Turoyo), Ukrainian.
(Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voiced_pharyngeal_fricative#Occurrence)