Pronunciation Station

Welcome to the Pronunciation Station page!

The Pronunciation Station is a real-time combined display of ultrasound and external video. This station presents where the tongue is situated relative to the user’s side view. This allows the speaker to receive bio-visual feedback and allow the speaker to correct their pronunciation in real-time.

Benefits for students:

  • The pronunciation station provides bio-visual feedback
  • Visualizes the tongue placement to help the speaker with the proper pronunciation in unfamiliar languages or complex sounds

Benefits for instructors:

  • Allows immediate classroom material to be presented in real time
  • Allows the students to be corrected in real time

Other possible uses:

  • Speech therapy
  • Teaching linguistics
  • Teaching complex sounds in language courses

The pronunciation station was built by a 2019 Capstone group, featuring Juliana Hamada, Cindy Ling, Joshua Ng, and Derek Tam.

If you are interested in using this station within your classroom, please email Dr. Burton: