Articulatory Phonetics – empowering phonetics and phonology through ultrasound and animation

Who are the recommended users?

This site is recommended for those who are interested in language itself, or in being speech therapists, vocal trainers, language teachers, and communicators, and for the students who are taking the following courses:

  • LING 100 Introduction to Language and Linguistics
  • LING 101 Languages of the World
  • LING 200 Linguistic Theory and Analysis I
  • LING 313 Introduction to Linguistic Phonetics and Speech Science
  • LING 314 Instrumental Phonetics
  • ENGL 330A The structure of Modern English: words and sounds (online and on campus)
  • ENGL 318 History of the language: early history (on campus)
  • ENGL 319 History of the language: late history (on campus)

What are you going to get?

You will be able to get …

  • explanation with visual aid about how human beings articulate linguistic sounds
  • an understanding of articulatory differences between similar sounds
  • audio-visuals of each sound in the International Phonetic Alphabet
  • a conceptual understanding of articulatory phonetics and phonology