Japanese Pronunciation

The Japanese Pronunciation Training (JPT) is free and designed for self-directed learners who are interested in improving their Japanese pronunciation or gaining knowledge of teaching foreign languages. The training will be provided through online and you will be able to take it at your own pace.

The training covers (1) Basics, (2) Challenging Sounds, and (3) Intonation. Each takes less than 1 hour in length. So the full training will take up to 3 hours. You can come back to the saved point anytime.

Upon the completion of this training, you will receive a certificate of completion when you meet all of the completion requirement.

Note. The Japanese Pronunciation Training program has won the 2023 Excellence and Innovation in the Integration of Technology in Higher Education from the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE).

Which program should I take and how to enroll?

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Please note that you will be asked to sign in using Canvas Catalog account. If you do not have one yet, fill in your information where prompted to create your account. It is free to create an account and free to take the training. For step-by-step instructions, refer to this Step-by-Step Guide for Students.

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This project has been funded by UBC students, through the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (2014-2016). In addition, the project has been further funded by the UBC's Open Educational Resources Fund (2021) that allowed the transition of the content to current Canvas Catalog and the development of summative assessment and integration of H5P. We are grateful to all who have made this project possible!

The content in the Japanese Pronunciation Training is offered under a CC Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license, except where otherwise noted.