tʼ Dental/alveolar

/tʼ/ Dental alveolar ejective (Lower-case T with Apostrophe)


Articulator: Tip of the tongue
Point of Articulation: Back of the upper front teeth or alveolar ridge
Manner: Ejective – 1) Make a closure between the articulator and the point of articulation. Approximately simultaneously, close the glottis (i.e., make a glottal stop). 2) Raise your larynx. 3) Lower the articulator, which will release air outward. 4) Release the glottal closure.
Voice: Voiceless

Adyghe, Amharic, Armenian (Yerevan dialect), Dahalo, Georgian, Haida, Kabardian, Khwarshi, Kwak’wala, Nez Perce
(Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alveolar_ejective#Occurrence)